Services and Rates

Dog Walking

We know that sometimes due to busy lives or illness it is difficult to provide your an dog with the exercise they need to be happy, fit and contented.

It is proven that dog need regular walks for both exercise and mental stimulation to enable them to be balanced, healthy animals. Dogs crave being outdoors, sniffing, exercising and social interaction. Having enough regular and varying exercise reduces behavioral problems such as chewing and barking often caused by boredom.

Whether it be regular or occasional walks we can provide your dog with the exercise and play they need during the working week to stay happy and healthy. Dogs will be collected from your home and walked on a variety of dog friendly walks, they will then be delivered home having been cleaned off and offered a drink of water.  Dogs are walked on the lead until they have built up a relationship with me and then can be walked off the lead with your permission.

Group Walks £8 for 1 Hour

We offer friendly and non aggressive dogs group walks where they can socialise with their friends and let off some energy. Dogs are walked individually for the first walk to assess temperament before adding to a group of simular dogs. Bitches on heat and uncastrated dogs are not suitable for group walks


Solo Walks £8 for 30 Mins

Some dogs may prefer to be walked alone and its not recommended for a puppy to join group walks before 20 weeks. Solo walks are offered outside the lunchtime period.

Comfort Breaks £7 per 20 mins

Ideal for if you are going out for the day and you are worried about leaving your dog. This is also ideal for the less mobile dog who doesn't require a full hours walk. The comfort break includes a short walk, a fuss and a feed if required. Regular and one off bookings welcome!

Holiday Care

Looking after your pets in their own homes when you are away- Kennels and catteries can be stressful especially for the oldies who prefer familiar surroundings. Whilst we are minding your pets we can open and close curtains, turn lights on/ off, bring in mail and water plants as required. Dogs are £18 a day for 4 visits and a walk. Cats and other animals are charged per visit so you can personalise our services to meet the needs of your pet.

Prices are heavily discounted for multiple pets  You can be confident that while you are away your pet will be well cared for.

Dogs £18 a day

We offer dogs 4 visits a day with a walk- dogs will be visited early morning, midday, tea time and bed time and taken out to do their business. We will ensure they have fresh water, feed, plenty of affection and play time.

Cats £6 a visit

A lot of cats hate the disruption to their routine and are happier at home. We will ensure they have attention, fresh water, feed and a clean litter tray.

Small Animals £6 a visit

We also cater for small animals and will ensure they have fresh water, feed and cages cleaned.

Poultry £10 a day- 2 visits

Its often hard to find carers for your poultry if you are away, we have experience with keeping and caring for poultry and will ensure they are let out and put away prior to dusk. We will also provide fresh water, feed, cleaning of coops and collection of eggs for you on your return.


Contact us for details.

Prices discounted for multiple animals in the same house!

Puppy Visits £10 for 2 visits

Home visits for pups still going through their vaccination period. Visits will usually around 10am and 2pm or to suit your working day. The visit will include taking your pup out to the garden to do his business, fed and water as required and cleaning up any mess your puppy has made! Once a pup is old enough, 2 short walks can be offered until they are ready to join groups or have longer walks. 

Call 07734189685 or message us to arrange a service